ActionAid spokespeople available in Haiti as Hurricane Matthew hits

As Hurricane Matthew makes landfall in Haiti, Yolette Etienne, who is leading a humanitarian response team on the ground for aid agency ActionAid, says:

“The full extent of the devastation is unclear but we know many houses and schools have been destroyed and people are currently in a very precarious situation.  We are expecting the impact on people to worsen as the storm continues.

“Conditions in evacuation shelters are very poor in some of the worst affected areas.  There is no water, electricity and very little food.  We are concerned for the safety and security of women, children and other vulnerable people.

“ActionAid will be providing emergency food and water to people currently in evacuation shelters.  As the impact becomes clearer in the next few hours and days we will step up our efforts to make sure that helps reaches the people who need it the most.”



Editors' notes

ActionAid have spokespeople available in Haiti, please contact Grace Cahill / +44 7734 131 626.