ActionAid International calls for urgent cessation of hostilities between Israel and Gaza

We call on Israel and Palestine to urgently resume negotiations to de-escalate the conflict and find a long-lasting and peaceful solution that will see in the short term a free and peaceful Gaza and in the long term, Palestine, exist alongside Israel. 

For as long as this violence continues and while there isn’t an end to the blockade, the innocent women, men and children of Gaza will continue to pay the price. Their living conditions are appalling and inhumane - often made worse by sanctions imposed by Israel - and the disastrous prospect of another full-on war will mean even more pain and suffering. 

We also call on Israel to refrain from making use of disproportionate military power which would once again cause unnecessary destruction and loss of life.

Editors' notes

To arrange an interview with ActionAid's country director in Palestine, Ibrahim Ibraigheth, please contact Thais Portilho.


Thais Portilho

Interim Head of Communications, ActionAid International

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