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Project Management Officer, POWER project

This role supports the POWER International Project Manager with planning and coordination of project reporting, event logistics, and project closure.

POWER (2016-2020) aims to increase the income of 21,000 women in Ghana, Rwanda and Bangladesh and their ability to control their income, through practicing Climate Resilient Sustainable Agriculture, better access to markets and reducing, recognising and redistributing their Unpaid Care Work. The project focuses on the following four outcomes of the project on 1) mobilisation and organisation of rural women farmers to increase women’s influence at household and community level;2) reduction and redistribution of unpaid care work, 3) market access and Agroecology and 4) raising the visibility of intersections of unpaid care work, CRSA/ agroecology and VAW at regional and international levels. The project’s grant is coming to an end in 2020, therefore this role will support the final year of project management and grant closure.



JD - Project Management Officer, POWER project
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