We consider accountability as part of a dynamic process to advance change and as part of our theory of change. Many of the mechanisms that support accountability practices such as evaluations, participatory advocacy and planning and transparent governance, also support and enhance processes of change. We also believe that our investment in accountability systems should be proportionate to overall investment in programme work.

ActionAid is already a signatory of a number of standards and initiatives in the Non-Governmental, development and humanitarian sector that seek to establish good practice.


  • Our Vision - ActionAid has a vision of a just, fair and sustainable world in which every person enjoys the right to a life of dignity and freedom from poverty and oppression.
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Performance (including Finance, Governance, and HR)


In ActionAid we are open to feedback from all stakeholders about a quality of our work and a level of accountability achieved. The purpose of our transparency study in Bangladesh, Kenya and Pakistan was to engage communities, partners, ActionAid staff and other stakeholders such as government officials and the media in a discussion about assessing if ActionAid managed to share needed information about its projects and programmes in an accessible, timely and truthful manner. In addition to the overall synthesis report, another final product of the study was a step-by-step methodology for undertaking such a study in future.

ActionAid International is a founding Member of Accountable Now (formerly known as INGO Accountability Charter),a cross-sectoral platform of 25 international civil society organisations. Together, we strive to be transparent, responsive to stakeholders and focused on delivering impact.

We have signed ten globally succinct Accountability Commitments and seek to respect human rights, be independent, ensure responsible advocacy, participation and diversity, and work ethically and professionally.

We report every two years according to the Accountable Now Reporting Guidelines to an Independent Review Panel. Learn more about our work and responsibility towards our stakeholders in our Accountability Reports.

Together with Accountable Now, ActionAid International co-shapes the accountability standards of the future!

Accountability reports

IATI compliance

In December 2015 ActionAid published annual (2014) data on Global DFID, EC and DANIDA contracts using IATI standard. Our data could be found on iati-registry and d-portal.

We intend to continue publishing our federation-wide annual data, progressively increase our data quality and move to quarterly reporting once the streamlining of our organization-wide finance and contract management systems is finalized. Some of our members like AAUK are also publishing independently their data using IATI standard.

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