Syria refugee crisis

Every day around 3,000 refugees flee the conflict in Syria. There are now over 750,000 refugees and up to 1 million Syrian refugees could need help by July this year. ActionAid is gearing up to support over 32,400 Syrian refugees in Jordan with basic necessities, such as blankets, winter clothing and hygeine kits as the crisis deepens.

Families are arriving in overcrowded camps with little more than the clothes they are wearing and what they can carry in small suitcases or backpacks.  The UN estimates that nearly 80 per cent of refugees are women and children and one in every five Syrian refugee households is female headed.

ActionAid has been working with young women and men in Jordan and Lebanon since 2005

As well as direct relief we are planning to reach women and young people and help them overcome the emotional impact of the conflict and the challenges they face in the camps. 

Women have told ActionAid that they feel hopeless and abandoned - not only have they fled the conflict, but they now struggle with feeling unsafe, not being able to wash properly and living in an unfamiliar desert location far from home.

ActionAid will be working with the refugee community to recruit and train psychosocial volunteers to support women and young people, and we will undertake community outreach activities to support people who aren’t able to attend those groups. We’ll be referring the more serious cases to specialist psychosocial support agencies. We’ll also work with women particularly to identify those most in need of support, and help them to form protection committees to lobby authorities to ensure the protection of women and girls.

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