Mobilising women

Women are powerful drivers for change, and at ActionAid we work with women to help them to unleash their own potential to change the world.

Every year we work with partners and women’s rights organisations to mobilise communities, connect women, men, girls and boys to demand further change to ensure women and girls around the world can enjoy their rights.

We work with women to identify the changes they want to see and to empower them to challenge barriers to enjoyment of their rights.

ActionAid countries and communities join with women and like-minded organisations across the globe each year to celebrate events such as International Women’s Day, 16 Days of Activism and One Billion Rising.

Promoting women’s rights is something we do every day at ActionAid, and mobilising around such events reminds us that women all over the world have rights to a life of dignity, and allows us to contribute to the struggle for gender equality and gender justice.

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