The BRICS - an informal grouping of countries that includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - have been meeting at the head of state level since 2009.

As a group that includes some of the largest developing countries, the BRICS plays a key role on issues like South-South cooperation and in guiding large developing country coalitions such as the G77.

ActionAid hopes that the BRICS and their initiatives such as the New Development Bank (NDB) and the Contingency Reserve Agreement (CRA) can be a force for mainstreaming human rights based development and ensuring that small countries have options when it comes to deciding which institutions they want to work with at the global level.

This page includes content not just about the BRICS as an institution, but about donor/South-South cooperation between BRICS countries and other countries, and about other related blocks.

These graphs (.pdf, 0.3mb) help illustrate the role that the BRICS countries play in the world.

File 30613

The paper The Export and Import Bank of China and the China Development Bank: understanding the environmental regulations of China’s overseas development assistance (.docx, 0.1mb) analyses some of China’s most important development institutions.

The paper South Africa's footprint in Africa (.docx, 0.2mb) takes a broad look at the role that South Africa plays on the African continent.

The paper Brazillian Cooperation and Investment in African Agriculture (.docx, 0.2mb) shows the history of the Brazilian development model in the agriculture sector. It has useful history about agriculture in Brazil as well as the role that Brazilian agriculture is playing in Africa.

The paper Indian Government Support for Overseas “Land Grabbing” by Indian Agricultural Companies (.docx, 0.1mb) examines the role that Indian development institutions play in facilitating “land grabs”. Though the evidence is inconclusive, the paper highlights the needs for developing countries to strengthen their own regulatory frameworks before actively seeking foreign assistance.

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