ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

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ActionAid Uganda

ActionAid (AAU) is a Ugandan national development organisation , affiliated to ActionAid International and has worked in Uganda since 1982 and currently working in 36 districts with offices and staff in 15 districts.

ActionAid focuses on securing increased social justice for people living in extreme poverty and exclusion in the areas where we work in Uganda.

The organisation is primarily concerned with defending and raising awareness of human rights, be they economic, social, cultural, civil or political.

Employing local staff in its work, the organisation supports projects and programmes that promote the interests of poor and excluded people at all levels.

Recognising that poverty cannot be fought single-handedly, ActionAid works with others in the fight to end poverty and injustice.

Our vision

A just, equitable and sustainable world in which every person enjoys the right to a life of dignity, freedom from poverty and all forms of oppression.

Our mission

To achieve social justice, gender equality, and poverty eradication by working with people living in extreme poverty and exclusion, their communities, people's organisations, activists, social movements and thri supporters

Our values:  

Mutual respect: Recognising the innate dignity and worth of all people and the value of diversity. 

Equity and justice: Ensuring that everyone, regardless of sex, age, race, colour, class and religion, has equal opportunity for expression and for using their potential.

Integrity: Honesty, transparency and accountability. We strive to be accountable for the effectiveness of our actions and open in our judgement and communications with others.

Solidarity with People living in poverty and exclusion: Connecting with poor and excluded people. We try to do everything in the interests of the poor, excluded and marginalised.

Courage of conviction: Being creative and radical without fear of failure, in pursuit of the highest possible impact on the causes of poverty.

Humility: Recognising that we are part of a bigger fight against poverty and requiring our presentation and behaviour to be modest.

Independence: As an organisation we remain independent of any religious, party-politics or other partisan affiliation.

Management and Governance

The management of AA Uganda comprises of a Senior Leadership Team headed by the Country Director. Management reports to the National Governing Board.

Ten persons sit in the Governing Board whose members are drawn from a General Assembly. One member of the Board represents AA International. The National Governing Board reports to the General Assembly.


Download information about ActionAid. Click on our brochure or Visitor's Guide if you are planning a visit to Uganda (pdf).

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ActionAid Uganda 
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