We’ve got a very important project in Ghana that aims to protect the rights of girls in education by promoting a violence-free school environment.

The Stop Violence Against Girls in School project also engages in innovative programmes to improve girls’ enrolment, retention and achievement of higher educational standards.

The multi-country project covering Ghana, Mozambique and Kenya is supported by the Big Lottery Fund of UK and will end in June 2013.

The project was launched in August 2008 and is being implemented in 13 communities and schools in the Nanumba North and Nanumba South Districts of the Northern Region of Ghana.

In Ghana, we’re collaborating with: AED-Ghana CEDEM, Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition and Songtaba - combining research, community-level initiatives and advocacy to improve girls’ access to and achievement in education.

This also helps to create opportunities for girls’ empowerment and to establish a lasting basis for the transformation of gender relations in schools and communities.

With this project, we’re aiming to achieve the following four outcomes:

  • a legal and policy framework that specifically addresses violence against girls in school must exist and should be implemented at all levels
  • violence against girls by family members, teachers and peers in the intervention districts needs to be reduced by 50% from baseline statistics
  • increase enrolment of girls in the intervention districts by an average of 30%, girls' drop-out rate should decrease by an average of 30% and substantial progress should be made towards gender parity in education
  • we hope that 1,075 girls in the portfolio intervention districts will demonstrate the confidence to challenge the culture of violence in and around schools, report incidents and create peer support networks