ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

My name is Lucia Amanman, 27 years old and I have five children.  I live in Daaba in Isiolo.

We live here peacefully and help each other during hard times.

The situation today is not good for all of us.  I have not had any food since yesterday and the baby has been suckling me dry. I have no energy to go burn charcoal which is the only way I earn a living.

I have tried my luck from my neighbors with no success because everyone has no food.

Even the wild fruits are becoming rare because baboons and other families have eaten them all before they are ripe. We are now hopelessly staring at death. I’m foreseeing a disaster if help does not come in the next few days.

Not knowing where our next meal or water will come from is a torture that we endure every day. The sky is clear every day with no hope of rain. The heat is unbearable. Men have migrated with the few animals left leaving us behind with children.

We did all we could to save the livestock but still lost most of them. I am worried for the children because as their mother they expect me to take care of them but I am helpless. We don't have anything in the house.