Fe-Male was founded in 2012 by a group of young women and human rights activists in Lebanon. They seek to raise awareness of women's issues, increase empowerment and change laws. ActionAid and Fe-Male are working together to reduce the ofensive images of women in Lebanese media.

Justice Without Frontiers

Justice without Frontiers’ mission is to support victims of domestic violence who are without access to justice, unaware of their full human rights and who do not possess the means to recourse private law firms and lawyers. ActionAid is working with Justice Without Frontiers to contribute to equitable access to formal and informal justice for domestic violence victims, by mobilising lawyers and civil society to advocate for women’s access to justice and information.


Masar association is working on community development based on the tenets of citizenship and human rights. ActionAid works together with Masar on the values of local ownership of development initiatives, democratic decision making, transparency and networking.

Palestinian Women’s Humanitarian Organization (PWHO)

PWHO is located in the Palestinian Bourj al-Barajneh camp in Beirut, and it aims to empower women through awareness raising sessions and by creating job opportunities by providing vocational training and a child day care center. The organisation promotes literacy and strengthen the personalities and confidence of children and youth through an after school tutoring program, and educational, art and sport activities


Nahnoo is a youth-lead organization that aspires to provide a platform for young Lebanese to engage in peaceful activities that promote self-development and self-expression and gain the skills necessary to contribute to their communities. Nahnoo engages a diverse group of Lebanese youth and acts a space for free expression and the exchange of ideas. 


AJIAL is supporting Palestinian refugee youth of Lebanon in a complex and trying socio‐political and economical context. Such an environment can allow for negative influences to undermine the youth. It is AJIAL's mandate to limit those by recognizing talents/abilities, creating opportunities for them to blossom and fostering initiatives.

The Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering (RDFL)

The Lebanese Democratic Women’s Gathering (RDFL) is a secular non-governmental organisation, empowering women's status in all aspects of life. Since its foundation, RDFL has implemented programs in the fields of education on women's human rights, eliminating violence against women and promoting women empowerment in social, economic and political spheres.